My philosophy of treatment and therapeutic approach is largely influenced by the ideas of Moshe Feldenkris who said,“increased quality of movement certainly increases the quality of life”. This can be understood in a few different ways. In its most basic form, physical movement is facilitated. In a deeper sense, this ease of physical movement can release stress and other emotional barriers that injury and pain often carry with them. Life should be a constant effort to move forward and to improve ones self, and the lives of others around us.


Therapeutic massage is an important part of your health maintenance plan, by:

  • Reducing or eliminating pain
  • Improving joint mobility
  • Improving circulation
  • Improving immune system functioning
  • Increasing lymphatic drainage
  • Reducing depression and anxiety
  • Reducing tension within muscles
  • Increasing body awareness

Massage therapy benefits people of all ages. While it benefits the injured, the ill and the stressed, the real strength of massage therapy lies in prevention.*
*Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario (RMTAO)